How to adjust MPmail settings in Converge


  • Admin level access to Converge


In Converge, selecting a customer and then selecting MPmail will take you to the following screen.

All the fields can be edited as required.

Billable users can be adjusted unless the customer has either

  • The MPexchange bundle in which cases licenses are counted by MPexhange mailboxes
  • MPmail365 in which case licenses are counted from the Office 365 mailbox count

Product can be changed between MPmail Ultimate Defence and MPmail Ultimate Access as required.

Relay check can be adjusted as required.

The options to Enable Spam Report/Enable Content Filtering/Configure Infomail can be adjust ed as required, however we recommend checking with Manage Protect support to confirm these have propagated to the MPmail filter engine.

Archive can be adjusted as required, but as this is a charged service you should check with Manage Protect support staff first.

Inbound IP (the location that email is delivered to from MPmail) can also be adjust ed as required.

Outbound IP can be added/deleted as required.