This article will cover how you can setup ConnectWise in the Converge portal. Please make sure you have created an API key on ConnectWise before starting this. You can follow

How To Create A Connectwise API Key

 to do this.


  • A Converge Admin level account
  • ConnectWise Account. Cloud or Local will both work you just need to enter the correct URL. You will have a custom URL for Local and Cloud needs to use
  • Your ConnectWise API key

The Process

  • Log into Converge
  • Click on Admin -> Accounts
  • Select ConnectWise tab

  • Fill out your Config details then click Save. If you are using ConnectWise cloud you will need to enter as your URL.

  • Your ConnectWise products will show in the left hand column. Select the Manage Protect product to match in the right hand column

  • Your ConnectWise Customers will be in the left hand column. Select the Manage Protect Converge Customer in the right hand column to link it correctly

  • Choose the Agreement that matches the Customer(s) you have selected
  • On the Config screen you will be able to Schedule (coming soon) a sync, Run a Test or Suspend ConnectWise

Once you have completed the wizard for one customer you will be able to switch back and forth between the tabs.

Please see How To Sync ConnectWise if you need more information about the Sync feature.