This article will cover how you can create a ConnectWise API key for ConnectWise Integration with Converge.


  • ConnectWise login
  • Windows-native ConnectWise Internet Client

The Process

  • Open the Windows-native ConnectWise Internet Client
  • Log into your ConnectWise account
  • Go to System
  • Click on Members

  • Select API Members

  • Click the + to add a new API Member

  • Fill out the details. The Member ID, First Name and Last Name are visible to your user. We recommend naming this along the lines of your custom branding.

  • Ensure that the Role ID is set to Admin

  • Click Save once all required fields are filled
  • Click on the new user created
  • Select API Keys

  • Click the + to add a new API Key

  • Provide a Description for the API Key

  • After saving, a Public Key and Private Key will be displayed