This article explains how to remove Guardz from Microsoft 365.


Admin access to your M365 tenancy.

The Process

Guardz creates entries in 2 locations. It adds in a journaling rule in the Purview admin centre, and several 'Apps' in the Identity admin centre.

First ensure that the Guardz Email Protection module has been deactivated from the Guardz portal.

To remove the journaling rule

  • Login to the M365 Purview admin centre at
  • In the left menu, click into Data Lifecycle Management, and then into Exchange (legacy)
  • In the right pane, at top, click into Journal rules
  • Find and delete the Guardz journal rule.

To remove the apps

  • Login to the M365 Identity admin centre at
  • In the left menu, click into Applications and then into Enterprise applications
  • In the right pane, search for 'Guardz'
  • For each application, Click into the application, click into Properties, and click Delete.