Integrating Guardz with your email service will enable email protection. Guardz will scan your users' inboxes and raise issues when a risk is detected: Viruses, risky files, or spam emails. 


Global Admin Access to Microsoft 365 portal. 

The Process

1. Navigate to the Security Control > Email Protection > Click on 'Activate'

2. Activate Email protection: Review the information and click 'Install'

3. A Sign in prompt will appear - Please ensure that the credentials you enter are Global Admin Credentials.

4. Another prompt will appear - Review the 'Guardz Email Security' permissions and Accept. 

5. To verify successful installation, make sure Email Protection security control is now set to 'Active' and you can view the number the protected mailboxes.

You can also find the App now in your Microsoft Azure account:.

Azure portal > Enterprise applications > All Applications

At the end, your Security Controls should look like this. 

(Connected Email Application will either show Gmail or Exchange)