In order for an Exchange mailbox to function properly in Outlook, you must have a special DNS record set up for your domain name which points to the MPexchange Autodiscover server.

An autodiscover record is required to access MPexchange using any method apart from OWA.

An autodiscover record is a record that tells your mail client what URL to use to configure the mail settings to connect to the MPexchange servers.


Access to the domain DNS hosting and the ability to add or alter DNS records. Please note that Manage Protect staff do not have access to most DNS services and cannot provide support with regards to making the actual changes.

The Process

You can use any Public DNS checker tool: check the CNAME DNS record for the domain autodiscover.yourdomain. For example, open MXToolbox, enter your domain after autodiscover. and click on CNAME Lookup. The value that you will see under Canonical Name will need to be the same as can be found in the MPexchange portal for the customer, next to Autodiscover when you click on Exchange servers and settings.

DNS record settings:

DNS record type: CNAME

DNS record host/name: autodiscover (the resulting name should be autodiscover.yourdomain but most DNS providers add your domain to the name automatically so you will only need to enter autodiscover into the field)

DNS record value: The value can be found in the MPexchange portal for the customer, on the Home Page under the Exchange servers and settings section.