Using the Guardz Home screen.


Access to the Guardz portal

The Process

1. Issues Summary - a quick count of the type and number of issues outstanding.

2. The Radar. Clicking the button outside the radar takes you to the service configuration screen.

Clicking a segment of the radar will take you to the issues for that component.

3. Clicking 'New' will add a new customer.

Also from here are the options to create a prospecting report, and to list all customers.

In the left menu are options for

Security Controls will show the status of all controls for a customer.

Users will show all users for the current selection, whether that is all customers or a single customer.

- From this option you can click into users and assign them elevated permissions.

Devices will show all devices for the current selection.

Internet assets will show all discovered DNS entries and IP addresses for the current selection.

Awareness will take you into the control screen for awareness training and phishing simulations.