Identify external exposure of files and folders and potential data exfiltration.

Cloud data is any assets that are exposed publicly.


Access to the Guardz portal.

The Process

Clicking in the left menu on Events, and then clicking to filter the Security Control Clould Data will bring up the issues related to cloud data.

Clicking into an item will show the details of the Issue.

At the bottom of screen there is an option to ignore the issue for a time period. This will remove it from the issues list for that period.

Clicking Remediation will bring up instructions on how to solve the issue

Remediation can be automated or manual.

Any manual remediation will be a process that will need to be followed by the technician, as per the example below.

Once the issue is remediated, it will be marked as 'In Progress' until the next scan.

If it was ignored, it will only be scanned for at the end of the period chosen - or never if it was chosen to be ignored indefinitely.