Discover Domains, IPs, & exposed assets. The discovery domain is used to link associated domains and IPs to the asset list.

The external footprint scan will check for all your public DNS records, and analyse them for any exposed services, vulnerable technologies, TLS, application or mail server insecurities.


Admin access to the Guardz portal.

The Process

Clicking the Home icon in the left menu, and then clickign on the External Footprint pie wedge, will bring up a list of external footprint issues.

Guardz cannot resolve these issues as they are vulnerabilities with public facing web issues. They will require updating of web service software to patched versions.

For example, in the issue below the web facing has not been patched, and the articles explaining the vulnerabilities are listed.

You have the choice to ignore the issue for a time period, or click to remediate. This will request you to:

Go though the list of vulnerabilities and check if the provider or vendor has issued a patch in order to solve them.