Smart banners are educational email banners that are added automatically via AI when Avanan detects an email that may be attempting to gain information from the customer.

Users need to be aware and vigilant for the off chance that suspicious emails sent to their corporate mailbox might be missed. In these rare cases, it is usually the user that has the missing piece of information that incriminates the email.
For example – an attacker may send an email from a new PayPal account (domain and thank the user for purchasing an expensive piece of clothing, directing them to call a phone number if they have issues. The user may be the only one that knows whether they made this purchase or not. Avanan makes the user aware that this is a potential attack and if they are not sure they made the purchase, they should not respond or act on the email.


An admin level login to the Avanan customer account, or an admin account in the Avanan MSP Dashboard with customer drill down access.

The Process

To add Smart Banners to clean emails, go to your Threat Detection policy and under the Clean Emails workflow, select Deliver with Smart Banners.

To select which Smart Banners are added and customize them, Go to User Interaction > Smart Banners