This article describes the process of deploying the Guardz Endpoint Protection agent.


What the Partner/Customer will need to be able to complete the steps, for example

  • Access to the Guardz admin console

The Process

The feature will need to be enabled before progressing. If this hasn't already been done, go to Security Controls and then choose Endpoint Protection and then click activate.

Once it has been enabled. click on Endpoint Protection in the Security Controls section and then click Deploy.

You will then see this screen:

You will need the Organisation Key so click 'View Organization Key' and use the copy to clipboard button.

Click on 'for Windows' or 'for macOS' under Option 2: Download Installer. This will download an installer to run on your customers machine.

Run the installer and click next.

Enter the organisation key when prompted and click next

You can change the installation location otherwise it should just be a case of clicking Next until the installer finishes.

Once the installer has finished, the agent will begin reporting back to the Guardz console and the device should be visible under the Devices section.