This is for deleting the entire tenancy. Please note that once the account and mailbox is deleted, all the data that was previously backed up with Dropsuite will be purged and no longer recoverable.


Access to the Dropsuite Portal. 

The Process

To delete an organisation , follow these steps:.

1. Go to the Organisation page.

2. Click on the three dots under Organisation and select View Details of the selected organisation.

3. Click the Subscriptions tab.

4. Click the Suspend/Unsubscribe/Delete button.


Suspended Organisation = Login is disabled, but the backup is still active

This will suspend all User Logins for the Organisation. The Backup and Billing will continue for the Organisation. However, the Users won’t be able to access their Backups.

Unsubscribe Organisation = Login is disabled and backup is deactivated

Once this option is used, backups are cancelled & the existing backed up data is marked for deletion, This will happen in the backend after 45 days.

Billing will still be issued at the first of the next month as the data is still being retained, but no additional months will be billed during the 45 day period. 

For example:

If an Organisation Unsubscribed on Aug 8th:
Aug 8th - backups cease but data is retained.

Sep 1st - invoice for September will be issued. There will be no further billing.

Sep 22nd (45 days after unsubscribe) - data is deleted. Account can no longer be reactivated.


In case you want to Reactivate the Organization within 45 Days, then you can use "Reactivate" button on the same page. It would resume Backup process from that time.

Deletion Organisation = Login is disabled and backup is deactivated and all data including Connector, Rules and Mailboxes will be deleted from the system.

Once this option is used, the entire Organization is Deleted (All Backed-up Data is purged and cannot be recovered) immediately. Also, the Billing is stopped.

Please note: Once you Delete the organisation, all the data is purged and cannot be retrieved.

5. The system will show a confirmation popup, then click Yes, Continue button. 


6. The system shows two types of alerts.

            a. Success alert showing success process.

            b. Error alert once the system detects a problem.


If you have any further questions, or are unsure with the procedure, please contact and we can assist you.