This article should only be used if the standard journaling does not work, and emails are being rejected by the journaling service. If you are unsure, please contact Manage Protect Support for advice.


  • A MPmail account with archiving enabled.
  • Admin access to the Microsoft 365 portal.

The Process 

You should have activated the Archiving service in the Control Panel for all your domains.


This configuration is only required in very unlikely individual cases. Please note that without a general connector for outbound email traffic, archiving of external emails is not possible.


  1. Log in to the Microsoft 365 admin portal at and log in with your administrative credentials.
  2. Navigate to Mail flow > Connectors.
  3. Click on Add a connector.                  
    The window Add a connector opens.
  4. Select the option Office 365 under Connection from.      
  5. Select the option Partner organization under Connection to.                  

  6. Click on Next.      
  7. Enter a name for the connector under Name that will identify it for you.

  8. Optional: Enter a description for the connector under Description.      
  9. Click on Next.      
  10. Select Only when email messages are sent to these domains.      
  11. Enter the domain in the field and click on the plus sign.                  
    Click on Next.      

  12. Select Route email through these smart hosts.      
  13. Enter the smarthost for outbound email traffic in the field and click on the plus sign.                  
    Click on Next.      


  14. Keep the predefined security restrictions.

  15. Click on Next.      
  16. Enter an email address according to the following pattern in the field and replace the placeholder with your customer domain: <kundendomain.tld> Click on the plus sign.                  

    The button Validate is enabled.

  17. Click on Validate.                  
    Microsoft sends a test email to the email address to validate the connector. The email is used to check if emails from Office 365 can be sent to the partner organization.
    The connector setup can only be completed if the validation has been successful.

  18. Click on Next.                  
    An overview of the connector settings is displayed.
  19. Click on Create connector.                  
    The connector is created and activated.
  20. Click on Done.      


A connector for journal reports has been created.