To enable other users to access a mailbox, delegate access can be given to one or more people. This allows mailboxes to be used as 'shared' mailboxes.

When using Outlook, the mailboxes that the user has delegated access to will automatically appear in Outlook and do NOT need to be set up individually.


  • Admin access to the customer in the MPexchange portal

The Process

In this example, we will setup User A to have full access to the User B mailbox.

Login to the customer account in the MPexchange portal.

Click into Services, Mailboxes.

Click the Action link on the User B mailbox - this is the account that will be shared.

Select the icon to bring up the user list

Check the box next to User A from the list, and click Select. This is the account that will access the shared mailbox.

More than one user can be selected from this list.

Click Add on the following screen.

The email will appear as below, and you can choose what access to give.

Full Access will allow User A to view the entire mailbox, plus send emails as User B.

Send As access will not allow User A to view the mailbox, but emails can be sent as User B.

Exclude from list will remove User A from having any access to User B's mailbox, and will no longer be able to send emails as User B.

Click Save Changes.

Please allow 15 minutes for these changes to fully propagate within MPexchange.

Also note that it may take up to 24 hours for the delagate mailbox to appear in Outlook.