Guide on how to Import Mailboxes into MPmail using a CSV file following the specific format and syntax required by MPmail.

This article will contain examples as well as a template which will be able downloadable for ease of use. 


The Process

NOTE: Recommended prior to the next step, an export of the current users is done, or list of users mailboxes to be added is available. 

To do this via MPmail,:

Login to the MPmail control panel using an partner or domain level admin account.

    1. Using the scope selector at top right, select the required domain
2. In the left-hand menu, Select "Customer Settings" --> "Mailboxes

    3. Select "Export CSV"

    4. Select what data to be exported

    5. The type of export ("Download" is recommended) and "Export"
This will download an exported CSV spreadsheet of all of the users currently within the "Mailboxes" in MPmail.

NOTE: The CSV file must follow the following format to be accepted and imported correctly by MPmail.
           The file also must not exceed 100 MB in size. 

Key information for formatting: 

  • ; (Semi-colons) - Are used to separate each variable in the spreadsheet.
  • Must contain a MINIMUM of 19 columns per row (19 headings) --> Refer to Rule 1
  • Multiple Aliases for individual mailboxes must be separated by columns, with the final column containing;primary;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
  • No other empty spaces or characters are to be included

Import CSV File Format Rules & Guidelines:

  • Rule 1: Column headings must be EXACTLY as below: 


  • Rule 2: After every environment ("primary") - there must be 16 semicolons after it

FOR EXAMPLE - Below is an example to add 1 regular mailbox, containing no aliases


*NOTE* - MUST include 2 semi-colons between email address and primary 
            - MUST INCLUDE 16 Semicolons after "primary" without spaces.


  • Rule 3: Ensure there is a separate column between each added alias and

The spaces in this document equate to separate columns in the Excel CSV spreadsheet -->
For more help see example template

FOR EXAMPLE, Below is an example for a mailbox row with 3 aliases....

Information from export:;;primary;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

In the spreadsheet, this row will look like:;;primary;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; 

Importing Completed and Correctly Formatted CSV File: 

Once the list of users is completed, and the template guidelines are followed, the file can now be imported into MPmail.

    1. Using the scope selector at top right, select the required domain
    2. In the left-hand menu, Select "Customer Settings" --> "Mailboxes" 

    3. Select "Import CSV"

4. Choose the CSV file to upload
NOTE* -> If file is not a CSV ("Microsoft Excel Comma Separated Values File") you will not be able to upload the file

5. If the upload is successful you will see the following:

Please then allow for some time, for the new list of users you have added and changes to propagate across.

Troubleshooting - Common errors during the validation of CSV files


The CSV file is validated once the user has selected it for mailbox import. Among other things, the CSV file is checked for correctness. Possible errors that can occur during this process could be:

  • An error has occurred while loading the status of the running import.

  • An error has occurred while validating the file.

  • An error has occurred while processing the file.

  • A line within the file is too long: The file contains a row that exceeds 1 MiB

  • The file encoding must be {{encodingType}}: The file is not UTF-8 encoded 

  • The upload service is currently not reachable.

  • The file has the wrong number of columns: The file does not contain 19 columns in each row (Must include all 19 columns as outlined above in the "CSV File Format Rules & Guidelines" Section

If the issues still persist, please reach out to Manage Protect for further assistance.