This explains the process that a user will go through when releasing an email, or requesting a release of an email.


An Avanan protected email account.

A quarantine report from MPmail Avanan with emails available to be released.

The Process

The process will depend on the policies that were set in the Avanan portal. Workflow will either be 'User is alerted and allow to release the email' or 'User is alerted and allowed to request a restore (admin must approve)'.

When the quarantine report is accessed, the user will click on the 'release' link in the report.

On clicking the link, the user will be taken to a webpage on and will be asked to provide their email address.

On entering their email address, it will then send an email to that address with a verification code.

If the user can release the email, that will then happen.

If the workflow is for an admin to approve, the user will be asked for give a reason for the restore. Submitting that will send an email to the restore requests approver for them to action.

Once they approve that, it will be released to the user.