An overview of the Manage Protect Migration Service

What can we migrate

Manage Protect can provide a managed migration service in many situations. We have extensive experience with Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft 365 to be able to project manage many migrations. Note that this is a chargeable service and will be quoted and invoiced prior to commencement.

We can migrate to


Microsoft 365

We can migrate from


Microsoft 365


Note that some migrations we may not be able to assist with, please contact your account manager with any questions.

The Process

Note that this process references a migration to Microsoft 365, there may be differences if we are migrating to MPexchange, however the overall process is the same.

  • Manage Protect will login to the source server so that we can determine the number of mailboxes, email addresses and aliases, distribution lists, resource mailboxes, public folders, etc.
  • Manage Protect will review the current configuration with regards to other products attached to the mail server service.
  • Manage Protect will meet with you for a short "kick-off" discussion to review scope, discovery data and timings, and determine migration licenses required.
  • Manage Protect's Partner Manager will analyse the costs for providing the migration service. Partner Manager will confirm those details with you and provide a quote.
  • You will provide DNS info for the customer at various points in the process, so please ensure that you have access to make or request changes to this.
  • First step in the migration process is to ensure that your Microsoft 365 tenancy is created and mail enabled, so we will need some licenses in the tenancy. Manage Protect can action this or you can do so through 
  • You will make DNS changes to validate the email domain in the tenancy, typically with a TXT record. Manage Protect will provide this and you need to implement it for migration to proceed.
  • From the list as agreed in the "kick off" meeting, Manage Protect will add the users, aliases, distribution lists, shared mailboxes, and company contacts as required to the tenancy.
  • Manage Protect will also configure the tenancy in terms of linking to MPmail/MParchive/Avanan for inbound and outbound emails if required as well as locking down mailflow to operate internally or through MPmail and Avanan, preventing any bypassing of filters.
  • Manage Protect will then setup the migration tools to begin pre-migration data transfer. The time for the data transfer to complete will depend on how much data there is to transfer and can be from a few hours to a few weeks.
  • Once the pre-migration is complete MP will confirm the time and day for cutover.
  • At time of cutover, you as the partner will need to ensure that DNS records are changed for MX, autodiscover and SPF. If MPmail is being transferred with the migration, then MP can change the mail delivery (MX) record.
  • At cutover, mail stops being delivered to the old service and starts going to Microsoft 365. At this point you as the partner will be responsible for changing all client devices to look at Microsoft 365 for their emails. You will need to consider computers and mobile devices. You will need to allow for new email profiles on all devices. All on premise work of adding accounts, profiles, and mobile device will be performed by the partner/customer but Manage Protect support are happy to assist if anything doesn't go as expected.
  • Manage Protect will support your migration by having our engineers available in a chat room during the cut over and on-premise deployment stages.
  • Post migration Manage Protect will confirm email delivery and setup Backup365 if required.