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Access to MPaware Portal 

Active account.

The Process

Once you have set up your account, you can run a Dark Web scan. 

Please note, if you have not set up your account, refer to this article here to set it up.  Provisioning MPaware

1. Navigate to the Customer 

2. Select Dark Web 

Note: You can only scan up to 3 domains. 

3. Enter domain name 

a. If you wish to add multiple, select "Add Domain" - Can have up to 3.

4. Scan Domain(s)

5. If you wish to Generate a Report, you can by selecting Generate Report tab.

You will be sent an email once the report has been generatedcompletion.

You can also test specific email addresses - for example, your personal email. 

1. Go to My Dashboard 

2. Select Dark Web 

3. Enter email.