In order to ensure Phishing simulated emails being delivered through the SPAM filters, you will need to whitelist the following IP addresses in all of the mail filters associated with the customer.


Admin access to any email filters that are used by the customer.

The Process

IPs needing to be added to the whitelist:

How to whitelist in MPmail: 

1. Go to MPmail

2. Under Security Settings 

3. Select Compliance Filter 

4. Select Dictionaries 

5. Add a Dictionary. 

6. Name it and add a description 

7. Copy and Paste in those above IP addresses to the "Entries" tab

8. Apply Changes

9. Go to Rules

10. Add a new Compliance Filter Rule 

11. Include the following parameters: 

a. Action = Tag as 'Clean' 

b. Type = Advanced 

c. Conditions = Match all conditions 

d. IP: 

- Tick checkbox 

- Select the pull down and click "Contained in Dictionary" 

- Enter Dictionary Name 

12. Add a description (optional) 

13. Apply changes.

How to whitelist in Avanan: 

1. Go to Avanan

2. Under Configuration 

3. Anti-Phishing Allow List

4. Create Allow-List Rule 

5. Select Server IP. 

With Avanan, you need to create a new Allow list entry for each IP address. Should be a total of 6

6. Save

Should look something like this: