If you wish to do a bulk upload of users.


You will need access to the MPaware portal, and have a list of users you wish to upload. 

The Process

1. Login as a Partner Administrator and navigate to "Manage Clients" 

2. Select the Customer

3. On the top panel, select Directory Sync and select "CSV Bulk Upload" 

4.  Click “Download CSV Template” to download the current list of users inside the portal you’d like to modify. If you are uploading new users to the portal, a blank template will download. 

5. You can configure how these welcome messages are sent to users during the sync. 

  • Send automated welcome” will send the welcome message to newly added employees during the sync.
  • Customize welcome message” will enable welcome messages to be customized. Without this option checked, the standard messages will be sent based off the Global Messages in the Partner Profile
  • Clicking “Welcome Message” or “Welcome Back Message” will allow you to adjust the message

6. Messages can be deferred for a period of hours or days.

7. The text within the message can be adjusted and a test message can be sent to preview

(Downloaded file)

8. Modify the required fields as needed.
 Do NOT modify header names or column A or your upload will fail.
Required Fields:

This column prompts the system to take one of the following actions when importing your user file into the system and is used to manage access to the system. This field MUST be completed for each user in this file or else you will receive an error.
 - Add or reactivate user (user will be notified)
 - Deactivate user (user will not be notified)
 - Modify user information (default for existing users) 

9. Once you have formatted the file correctly, and it is ready, you can import it in the MPaware Portal. 

10. Click “Save” to upload the file and begin processing.