Setting up via synchronization methods are more beneficial for automation, however manual user creation can be beneficial for smaller companies or trialing users.

NoteIf synchronization methods (Azure, On-Prem, Google) are enabled, creating users manually via this method will result in an error. The user should be set up via the appropriate sync method instructions.


Access to the MPaware Portal. 

The Process


Under Manage Clients > Select customer

1. To add a new user, within your desired client, click the “Users” tab
2. To add a new user, click the “New User” button

3. A modal will appear with options to create a new user.

4. Group Role: Select the user’s access level by role.

Employee: Basic access to interact with trainings and read-only document access
: Full access to manage company account, employees, view reports, add/edit documents etc.
Manager Admin
: Manager level access plus the ability to schedule and send phishing campaigns

5. Tag: (optional) Select a pre-set tag for this user (Click here for more information on Tag Creation)

6. First/Last name: required

7. Phone numbers: (optional) enter their work and/or
 cell phone numbers

8. Email: (required) this will be how the user accesses
 their account with. Must be a valid email.

9. Password: Password must be at least 6 characters in
 length. *Not required if “Send welcome message” is
enabled (see below)

10. Send welcome message: If enabled, a welcome email
 will be sent to user’s email once created. No password would be set upon creation screen, user would set their own password via the welcome message.

11. Click “Add User” button when ready