The retention policy for files in Workplace

Every time a file is synced or backed up by Workplace, a new version is created, and any changes saved. This allows you to revert to previous versions of these files should unwanted changes be accidentally saved. Versions are retained in accordance with the following retention policy:

  • First 24 hours – A version will be kept every hour.
  • First week – A version will be kept every 24 hours.
  • First month – A version will be kept every week.
  • Month 2 to 6 – A version will be kept every month.
  • After 6 months – No versions will be kept.


Device delete retention policy

When a computer device is marked for recycling, then backed up files or folders will be available to recover for 14 days, after which the device will be automatically deleted. Files are not available for recovery from a deleted device. Note that users may manually delete a recycled device before the end of the 14-day period.


Cancellation retention policy

If a Workplace account is cancelled then stored data is deleted when the existing contract expires.