Recommended detail configuration of MPmail using the MPmail control panel.

This article is not meant to cover all settings, but to give the account our recommended level of protection and notification. Any settings not mentioned can be left at the defaults, or adjusted as per individual requirements.


The Process

Login to the MPmail control panel using an partner or domain level admin account

Using the scope selector at top right, select the required domain

NOTE : If the next step is not done, only rejected emails will appear in the live tracking.

In the left menu, click Customer Settings, Domains.

Ensure that the domains required are all listed, add as required.

Click the tab to expand each domain, and click Trigger verification

In the left menu, click into Security Settings, Spam and Malware Protection.

Click into the User Rights pane at right.

These are what users can do from quarantine reports and the control panel. We recommend that they can only release spam and infomails, and not threats or content filtered emails.

In the left menu, click into Security Settings, Quarantine Report.

The settings below are recommended. The times of delivery of quarantine reports can be adjusted as required.

In the left menu, click into Content Control

Content control will allow you to block content regardless of threat scanning, and allows you to set a size limit on emails.

The below limits are based on M365 standard email size limits of 35MB per email. This can be adjusted as required based on the limits of your mail server.

Filtering of encrypted attachments can be removed if the customer is likely to deal with financial, insurance or government institutions, as they commonly use encrypted PDF's.

The content control recommendations are optional and can be reduced or removed without a significant drop in protection. All attachments are scanned for threats regardless of content control settings.

Note : If you are providing DKIM from your mail service (eg Microsoft 365), outbound content control will scan and potentially alter the body of the mail, and thus affect the DKIM body hash. This can cause outbound emails to fail their DKIM check at the destination.

Ideally MPmail, as the last service in mail delivery, should provide the DKIM service. However if you wish to use your mail server to provide DKIM, we recommend to not use content control.

In the left menu, click into Email Authentication

We recommend enabling both SPF and DKIM checking.

There does need to be additional setup done before these can be enabled.

Please refer to 

MPmail SPF setup

MPmail DKIM setup

This is the completion of the basic setup of the MPmail recommended defaults.