How to connect a MPmail Avanan customer to a Microsoft 365 tenancy.


  • Admin access to the Avanan portal - MSP dashboard.
  • Admin credentials to the Microsoft 365 tenancy.

The Process

Log in to the Avavan portal at with your admin credentials. 

Click the customer portal link from the tenants list

If the service has not been configured, you will see the following screen

Click Let's Get Started

Click Start next to Office 365 Mail

Ensure the setup is Automatic, Accept the Terms Of Service and click OK.

You will then be diverted to the Microsoft 365 login screen.

Enter admin credentials for the required tenancy and Accept the terms of service.

Once accepted, this will create a default Monitor mode policy for the tenancy. This should be allowed to run for 48 hours to collect data regarding what a 'normal' set of emails are the the customer, and add these to it's database.

To enable protection for Sharepoint, OneDrive and Teams, navigate to Configuration and then SaaS Applications in the left menu. Click Start and Authorise each of the applications as below.

After 48 hours, to finish provisioning you should then use the following procedure