This article will describe how to set up a service, scan to email device or other system to send emails out via the MPmail outbound relay.

This will mean that outbound emails will be recorded in the MPmail live tracking.


The customer will need to have an account in MPmail.

Access as admin to either Converge or MPmail control panel, specifically the customer account.

A static public IP address at location where the sending device is.

The Process

You will need to find the static public IP address where the scan to email device is located. This will need to be added to Converge/MPmail control panel to allow the connection.

In Converge, click into the customer, and select the MPmail service.

Click the Outbound IP, and add the IP to the list. Multiple IP's can be in this list.

Click Save.

OR, in the MPmail control panel, select the customer domain, then click into Security Settings, Spam and Malware Protection.

Ensure that the 'IP addresses of relay servers for outgoing emails' box is checked, and enter the IP address into the text box. IP addresses should be comma separated, and have no spacing.

CIDR notation is allowed, but should not be set lower than /24.

Click Save.

You will need to wait up to an hour for the settings made to propagate to the filter engine.

When choosing a sending email address, the sending domain must be listed in the MPmail control panel or Converge domain/alias domain lists.

Outgoing mail (SMTP) address will be

[customer domain]

Where [customer domain] is the customers domain.

In the send to email device, enter the settings.

Server will be the Outgoing mail (SMTP) address as above.

Port 25 is the only option, SSL is not implemented for this service.

TLS will need to be enabled.

Authentication will be disabled.