This article explains how to protect only a subset of uses in a M365 tenancy. This will protect only those users, and only that number of MPmail Avanan licenses will be required.


Admin login to the Avanan customer portal.

A mail enabled group created in the Microsoft 365 admin portal.

The Process

A group will first need to be created in Microsoft 365, and the users requiring protection added to that group. This group must be mail enabled.

Login in to the Avanan customer portal, and go to Security Settings, SaaS Applications.

Choose Configure for Office 365 Mail.

Click Configure groups filter

Select Specific Group

Enter the Microsoft 365 group name that you would like to protect. The group cannot be a group created by the Avanan provisioning process, and must be one of a 

  • Office 365 Mail Group
  • Distribution List
  • Mail Enabled Security Group

Click OK. The group will be validated and protection will only happen for that group of users.

Note that the policy option to protect only selected users happens after the groups filter has been applied.