Here are some brief instructions on how to create a new Support ticket using the Support Portal.


  • Access to the Support web portal
  • A user account must be created, and Manage Protect support will need to send you an activation email.
  • Note that if you have already created tickets via email, then you will already have an account, which will simply need to be activated.
  • Activation can be requested via email, call or chat to Manage Protect support.

The Process

  1. Open the Manage Protect Support Web Portal
  2. Create an account
  3. Contact Manage Protect support and request that your account be activated on the support portal. Support will send you an activation email with activation details.
  4. Log into the Portal
  5. Click New Support Ticket
  6. Fill in the relevant details, you can also attach files (up to 20MB) if desired.
  7. Click Submit.
  8. A ticket will now be submitted to Manage Protect's Support Team and will be addressed according to the standard SLAs.