This article explains how to remove Avanan from your Microsoft 365 tenancy


  • Admin access to the Microsoft 365 tenancy
  • MSP Admin access to the Avavan portal

The Process

Login to the Avanan customer portal, either from the MSP Dashboard or by direct login

Navigate to Policy on the left side menu
Select the rule(s) where you have “Protect (Inline)” enabled
Change the Rule State to Stopped
Click “Save and Apply”

Login to the Microsoft 365 admin portal

Navigate to the Azure Active Directory admin centre

Click into Users

Click into the user 'avanan-service-user'

Revoke sessions, and then delete the user 'avanan-service-user'

Note: If you do not disable the login access for avanan-service-user, the Avanan - Protect rule will be automatically recreated.

From the Microsoft 365 admin portal, navigate to the Exchange Admin Center to disable the Avanan Protect transport rule.

Navigate to Mail Flow Rules

Uncheck or delete all rules with 'Avanan' as a prefix.

Navigate to Connectors

Uncheck or delete all rules with 'Avanan' as a prefix. 

Login to the Avanan MSP Portal

Delete the account from the Dashboard.