How to disable the Microsoft 365 spam filtering


An admin login to the customer Microsoft 365 portal

The Process

Log in to M365 using the customer GA credentials.
Click into the Exchange admin centre in the left menu (you may need to click to Show All)
In the left menu, click into Mail Flow, Rules.

Click Add a rule and choose Create a new rule

Give the rule a name, and then in the 'Apply this rule if' pull down choose
The recipient
Is External/Internal
And choose Inside the organisation

Click Save.

In the Do the following pull down, choose Modify the message properties.

In the right box choose set the spam confidence level (SCL)

Choose Bypass spam filtering

Click Save

Click Next at the bottom of the screen.

The rule settings should be left at the defaults, as per the below screen shot.

Click Next.

The rule details in the right pane should now read

Click Finish, M365 will report that the transport rule was created successfully, and then click Done.

The rule order should be above any other filtering rules in the tenancy.

The rule should be moved as required.