This article describes how to block an emails based on various criteria - whether email address or domain or other.


Login to the Avavan customer portal, or login to the partner portal at

The Process

There are various ways to find the email for blocking, this article will use the Mail Explorer menu to find the email.

From the Avavan customer portal, click Mail Explorer at left. This will give you a search of emails which you can specify parameters. If you wish to block emails from a specific sender, you would enter the email address (or part of) into the 'sender email' field. Any other field can be used to search for the email. Once you click the Search button, the bottom of the screen will display all the matched results.

Note that if you have more than one email in the search results, all of these emails will match the block list unless you narrow the filter 

Once you have found the email that you wish to block, click Create Block-List Rule at bottom right.

From the Create window, you can select what category to allocate the detection as, and add a comment if required. You will also see how many previous emails would have been blocked, and whether to immediately quarantine those emails.

Click OK to continue and create the Block List Rule.