What SPF record to use for the MPexchange service.


  • A customer with the MPexchange service
  • Access to modify the customer DNS

The Process

The SPF record for MPexchange will depend if the service is relaying emails outbound directly from MPexchange, or if it is routing via MPmail.

For MPexchange direct sending, the SPF requires

Sample SPF record

v=spf1 ~all

For MPexchange services that are routing out via MPmail, the SPF requires

Sample SPF record

v=spf1 ~all

It is possible to be be sending using both services, in that case both includes should be added.

Note that many domains will have multiple services that send email on the domains behalf. These also need to be included in the SPF record along with the MPexchange include. The samples above assume that only the MPexchange record is required.

Determining Outgoing Routing

  1. Check the MPmail live tracking for outgoing emails from the domain. This will indicate is any emails are routing via MPmail, however this may be a copier for example, and not emails from the mail server.
  2. Send a test email and check the header for routing information. The header will indicate the original server that send the email.
    Direct from MPexchange, the header will report the email coming from
  3. Check in Converge for the Inbound IP/Hostname
    exch690 by default always routes via MPmail
    Any other server will route out directly.

  4. Check with Manage Protect support. We will be able to determine the outgoing routing.

Why the difference?

Historically, the MPexchange service was US based, and MPmail was not is use at that point. Once we had enough customers to provide a Australian based service, EXCH690 was added there.
EXCH690 was designed from scratch to route emails via MPmail, and this is setup automatically by default. On all other servers, being older, this setup was not implemented.