How to create an allow list entry to allow specific emails to pass through the MPmail Avanan filter as clean.


Ad admin level login to the customer portal in MPmail Avanan.

The Process

Login to the customer portal in Avanan, either from the Avanan portal at or from the customer's direct login.

In the left menu, click to Security Settings, Exceptions, Anti-Phishing.

At the top of screen, click Create Allow List Rule

This will bring up a window that will allow you to enter the parameters for emails that should be allowed through the MPmail Avanan filter.

Note that the first line with Date Received, Detecti and Quarantine State are purely for determining which emails are displayed at the bottom of the window, they do not affect the actual filter and are purely a guide to see which emails the filter will affect.

In some fields you have a pull to choose whether the contents should match (exactly) or contain (part match) the text that you can enter. To enable checking on any field, you would tick the checkbox and then enter the filter field.

Client Sender IP and Server IP can either be a specific IP address, or an IP address range in CIDR format.

Attachment MD5 can be obtained from previous emails by drilling down into the email itself.

Once you have entered all the details for the filter, click Save. A confirmation dialog will appear, click OK to confirm the saving of the allow list.