Microsoft Teams is Microsoft's hub for teamwork that facilitates conversations, collaboration and content sharing. And now you can access and share your Workplace-stored files directly within Microsoft Teams with the Workplace integration.

This integration allows users to:

Add Workplace projects and folders as a tab in MS Teams

View your Workplace project/folder structure

Download files from Workplace

Upload files to Workplace

Open Workplace files on your device

Copy team links

Search for and attach Workplace files to Teams chats and posts.

View unfurled Workplace team and public share links, providing a preview of the file.

Open Workplace-shared files locally in the Workplace app, open in Workplace Online, and for supported Microsoft Office files, open for online editing.

This topic explores how to enable, access, and use the Workplace/Microsoft Teams integration.


The ability to Manage a Teams channel.

A Workplace account

The Process

How to Add the Workplace app

Open MS Teams and Click the Apps icon at the bottom of your Teams menu.

Begin to type "Workplace" in the Search field.
Click the Datto Workplace app area when it appears in the results pane.

Once the Workplace/MS Teams integration has been made available to your MS team(s), the Workplace icon will appear in the bottom menu on the MS Teams interface:

How to Attach a Workplace file to a Teams message

Click the icon in the bottom menu bar in Teams. A search/selection windows appears:

Begin typing a portion of the file name you're looking for. Matching files will be listed below the search field.
When the file you wish to attach appears, click it. The item will attach to your message.

Add additional text, if you wish.
Click the send arrow.

How to Add a Workplace project or folder as a Teams tab

NOTE  When you add a Workplace project or folder as an MS Teams tab, you're really just selecting the landing project or folder that displays initially, when you open the tab. You'll still be able to navigate through your available Workplace projects/folders from there. You can add more than one Workplace project/folder as a tab in MS Teams.

In MS Teams, Click the + icon to the right of your existing tabs. The Add a tab popup window opens:

Click the Workplace icon. If you can't find it, just use the search field in the top right of the window. 

NOTE The first time you add a Workplace tab, the confirmation window with additional information about Workplace appears. Click the Add button to continue.

A project/folder selection popup window appears:

To add a project or folder as a tab, navigate your folder structure as you normally would (just like the Workplace folder on your desktop), select the project/folder you want to see when you open this MS Teams tab, and click the Save button.

You new Workplace tab is now available.