How to provision a customer account to use MPmail Avanan.

Please note the last steps when provisioning - failure to do so may result in mail being rejected.


  • Admin access to the Avanan portal - MSP dashboard.
  • Admin credentials to the Microsoft 365 tenancy.

The Process

Log in to the Avavan portal at with your admin credentials.

Click the Add tenant button

Ensure that your MSP is correctly listed.

Email address is for reporting purposes and can be either a customer or partner email address.

Tenant will be how Avanan will reference the customer for their individual portal login, and cannot contain spaces or other special characters.

Name, phone and company are the details of the customer.


Region can be US, Canada or Europe. When using inline protection, this is the data centre where the emails will be stored when quarantined, or while scanning. This cannot be changed once the tenant is provisioned.

If you have an issues with quarantined emails being in any of those locations, you will either have to chose one of the alternatives, or not use Inline Protection.

Click Add Tenant

In the MSP Dashboard the customer will display as 'Provisioning'. The license will display as 'poc' (proof of concept).

Once this has changed to 'Active', you can click the name in the Tenant column and enter the customer dashboard.

If the service has not been configured, you will see the following screen

Click Let's Get Started

Click Exchange Online

Ensure the setup is Automatic, Accept the Terms Of Service and click OK.

You will then be diverted to the Microsoft 365 login screen.

Enter admin credentials for the required tenancy and Accept the terms of service.

Once accepted, this will create a default Monitor mode policy for the tenancy. This should be allowed to run for 48 hours to collect data regarding what a 'normal' set of emails are the the customer, and add these to it's database.

After 48 hours you can log in to the customer account in MPmail Avavan and Create a Protection Policy


If using Inline protection, you will need to add the Avanan IP addresses to the customer SPF record, as emails are routed out of the tenancy and back in again.

If you are using an incoming mail rule in your server to filter emails by sending IP address (eg a gateway mail filter), you will need to add the Avanan IP address to the list of exceptions to allow emails to come in. You will need to do this in your Microsoft 365 or GSuite service.

Avanan IP addresses are (depending on the country you selected on initial setup - only 1 will be required) (US) (CA) (EU)

If you use a Message Transfer Agent (MTA) that your MX records deliver to, and then email is forwarded to your mail server, you will need to add the IP addresses of the SMTP host to Avanan.

When using MPmail with MPmail Avavan, you would add,,

This is done from in the MPmail Avanan tenant portal, under Configuration, Security Engine, Smart Phish, Configure