MPmail Branding Options

The upgrade to the new HTML MPmail Portal brings a number of options for the branding of both the portal and also every level of interaction with your customers.

Option 1: Standard branding: Logo & contact details - Complimentary

This option provides the service as a wholesale service from your organisation. For this type of branding, we can set any or all of:

In the MPmail control panel

  • Your telephone number and email address for display at the top
  • A custom logo image displayed at the top left

In the Quarantine Report

  • The partner business name and contact name
  • The sending email address and display name
  • A custom logo image
  • A custom disclaimer
  • A per customer custom message that uses markdown language

Option 2: Advanced Branding - $500/annual charge.

Including all options outlined in "Option 1"  + Advanced branding provides full flexibility of the URL that your customers will go to, the mobile device App name, and custom images for the favicon and splash screen of the control panel.