MPmail365 includes a service to sync Microsoft 365 mailboxes with the mailbox list in the MPmail control panel. This will happen if

1. The mail server is Microsoft 365.

2. MPmail is active.

3. The relay check in MPmail is not set to LDAP.

4. Microsoft 365 has been authorised in Converge.

The Process

At 5am AET, the MPmail365 process will run and process all suitable customers.

It accesses the customer Microsoft 365 tenancy and extracts a list of all mail enabled entities. This includes mailboxes and shared mailboxes, distribution lists and mail enabled groups. All aliases are obtained as aliases to their respective account.

It then compares this list to the mailbox list for the customer in MPmail.

Any entities that exist in MPmail but not Microsoft 365 are deleted from MPmail.

Any entities that exist in Microsoft 365 but not in MPmail are created in MPmail, with aliases.

The MPmail365 sync does NOT sync passwords. If you wish to use your Azure AD credentials to access your MPmail and Message Continuity portal you will need to deploy Advanced Azure AD Integration here

This means that if you wish to create a mailbox in MPmail, it must be created in Microsoft 365 and it will sync across. If it is created in the MPmail control panel, it will deleted at next sync.