When an email coming from MPmail has matched a compliance filter rule, and been tagged as clean, it has no been scanned for threats. The following process adds a rule into Office 365 that will prepend a banner in the body of the email. This can be made to display whatever is required, but in this case we will display a warning.


Customer will need to have

  • MPmail
  • Office 365

To follow the process you will need

  • Admin login to Office 365

The Process

  1. Login to the customer Office 365 tenancy with admin credentials
  2. Click to display all control panels
  3. Click into Exchange
  4. Click into Mail Flows, and then Rules
  5. Click to add a new rule.
  6. Call the rule a relevant name, we will call ours 'CFR Alert Banner'
  7. Click More options
  8. Click to apply this rule if
    • the sender is located
    • outside the organisation
  9. Add a condition
  10. Click to apply the rule if

    A message header

        Matches these text patterns

        Click 'Enter text' and choose to specify the header name 'X-antispameurope-REASON'

        Click 'Enter text patterns 'compliance-Rule-CLEAN-ID='

  1. In Do the following

    Apply a disclaimer to the message

        Prepend a disclaimer

Click Enter text

The text can be any plain text or HTML

A sample would be

'<p style="border:1px; border-style:solid; border-color: #FFCACA; background-color: #FFCACA; padding: 1em;"> <span style=font-size:12.0pt;color:black;><b>[Email has bypassed threat detection]</span></b> <span style=font-size:10.0pt;color:black> DO NOT CLICK links or attachments unless you recognize the sender and know the content is safe.</span></p>'

Ensure that the rule is enforced, and click Save.