This article provides a step-by-step process for setting up/managing public shares in Workplace


  • An active workplace account

The Process

  1. Sign into workplace online or access using the workplace online option from the desktop client
  2. Select a project and navigate to the folder/file you wish to share or stay in the root folder of the project if you want to share the whole project
  3. Select Public Shares at the top of the screen and click the ‘Allow public access to this Project’ slider so that it appears as below.
  4. You can set the permissions that public users will get to the project using these options. View and Download is the default
  5. There are additional options under this section such as display without branding, adding password protection or email validation and changing the expiration date.
  6. You can then send an access link to the people you want to access the project by clicking ‘Public Share Link’ to copy the link to the clipboard, using the ‘Show QR code’ option and sending it or using the ‘Send Link’ option to specify an email address
  7. You can use the statistics option to view when the public access link expires and how many times/when the project was accessed using the public share.