This article will cover the changes you can make to the Backup Profiles.


  • An Endpoint Backup Customer

  • Access to Endpoint Backup Manager

The Process

  • Log into your Endpoint Backup Manager
  • Click on Teams tab

  • Select the Customer you want to find the Team key for by clicking on it
  • Click Manage Team in the top right

  • Click on Configuration tab
  • Select the profile that you want to change

Within the backup profile you can adjust the following:

Deployment Configuration

  • Automatic Device Approval - either Automatically or when linked to Active Directory
  • Default Storage Size per user
  • Country and Time Zone per user

Backup Preferences

  • Enable/Disable Update Notifications
  • Lock/Unlock User access to the Desktop Agent
  • Backup paths on both Windows/Mac
  • Network bandwidth preferences. Default is 10MB/s

Backup Exclusions

  • Exclude particular file extensions from Backup
  • Exclude file paths from Backup

Assigned To

  • See which devices are assigned to the policy
  • Reassign devices to this policy