This article will cover how you can change the page your Customers see when they try to access a blocked website.


An admin level log in to the GSM portal

The logo and text you would like to change the default setting to

The Process

The Block Page can be customized for each GSM console, allowing the user to be provided with more information alongside the standard messaging to include a logo as well as custom text.

The image size is restricted to 1 MB. Image files can be in PNG, GIF, or JPEG formats.

The Content field can be used for custom text such as telephone numbers, websites, and links. For example, you could enter information such as 'Please contact your network administrator if you have any questions, and then include the contact method of your choice.'

If you would like to change this you will need to do the following:

Log into your GSM console

Go to Global Settings tab

Go to Web Overrides tab

Select Block Page Settings tab