Note - this article only applies to non-NZ based customers. 

Recently, we communicated changes made to the licencing structure of Backup365 for Microsoft 365 Tenancies.

From the 1st of October 2020, the number of Backup365 licences on a given tenancy will match the number of Microsoft Exchange licences assigned to the tenant. It's important to know which Microsoft 365 licences come with Exchange, and so will be automatically discovered and backed up by Backup365. To help, we have made the following list:

  • Exchange-enabled Microsoft 365 SKUs (Backup365 auto-enabled)
  • Office 365 F3
  • Office 365 E3
  • Office 365 E5
  • Office 365 E5 without Audio Conferencing
  • Exchange Online Archiving for Exchange Online
  • Exchange Online Kiosk
  • Exchange Online (Plan 1)
  • Exchange Online (Plan 2)
  • Microsoft 365 Business Basic
  • Microsoft 365 Business Standard
  • Microsoft 365 Business Premium
  • Microsoft 365 E3
  • Microsoft 365 E5
  • Microsoft 365 F3
  • Office 365 E1

When Backup365 is applied to a tenancy with any of the above licence SKUs , it will include all Exchange-enabled licences in its daily backups and monthly licence total. It is important to take note, that if you have Backup365 provisioned on a tenancy that have unassigned Exchange licences, Backup365 will include those in its licence total.

For those Partners who purchase their Microsoft licencing through a different CSP provider and attach Backup365 via Manage Protect, you may have licences that are laying dormant and unused within that tenancy we are unable to identify. We highly recommend that you remove all un-assigned licences in your Admin Portal, to avoid being charged for Backup for these unused mailboxes.

To see your total number of active licences (both assigned and un-assigned), visit your Microsoft Admin Portal. Your Backup 365 total billable users should match the total of both "Available Licences" and "Assigned licences" as shown below:

In the above example, Backup365 on this tenant would be applied to:

8 x Microsoft 365 Business Basic // 1 x Office 365 E3 // Totalling 9 x Backup365 Complete billable users.

Backup365 will match its licence total with the total active Microsoft 365 Exchange-enabled licences as determined on the last business day of a given month.