When Office 365 first was released there used to be Government SKUs with reduced government pricing. 

Microsoft aligned government pricing with commercial pricing in September 2017. Later the government SKUs were removed all-together. 

All the customers with governments SKUs purchased before September 2017 would have had their subscriptions renewed by now and their government SKUs have been charged commercial pricing. So all government SKUs have had the same pricing as commercial SKUs since that alignment in September 2017.

If partners have existing customers who are on old government SKUs, they would not have had the (approx. 8%) price increase applied that became effective in January 2019. This is because the SKUs are retired, and Microsoft cannot apply that price increase.  

On subscription anniversary date those subscriptions will remain on the old price (pre January 2019), which means they would be 8% cheaper than their commercial counterpart which had a price increase in January 2019.

Microsoft (for now at least) will continue to allow customer to renew their government pricing SKUs on subscription anniversary.