This article will cover what to do if you receive the error Unable to run Account Setup while trying to install, and also how to force remove the Workplace agent.


  • Mac OS
  • Receiving Unable to run Account Setup
  • Previously tried to install or uninstalled Workplace
  • Workplace install dmg

The Process

If you have previously uninstalled or had an install fail during setup you may receive the following error when trying to run the setup again:

To get the software to install do the following:

  • Open a new Finder window
  • Select the Go menu
  • Choose Go To Folder

  • Type the following (please note that you will need to fill in the username of the user on the Mac). /Users/macusername/Library/caches
  • Locate these two folders:

  • Delete both
  • Run the installer again

Force Uninstall of the Workplace Agent

Additionally, if you want to full uninstall the app and it will not launch please follow the steps below:

1. Check Activity Monitor to see if there are any Datto Workplace processes running. Close all.
2. Drag and drop the Workplace application to the trash.
3. Then navigate to ~/library
4. Check the following directories for any files containing the word "Datto".

Please manually navigate to these directories, do not use spotlight search.
~/Library/Application Support

Once those are cleared, we can reinstall the app. May require a reboot after installation.