The next generation of the Workplace Cloud File Sync & Share service is here! Version 10 brings true file streaming to Workplace, enhanced Malware & Ransomware Detection with automatic rollback, Single-Sign-On Integration, deeper synergy into Microsoft 365, and a slick new user interface.

Preview of the new Workplace tab for the Desktop Agent (Mac and PC)

Upgrade your Teams at Your Pace

Control the update of your current client base to the new version, at your convenience. You will be able to manage which client teams are able to update to the new version in their Workplace Online portal and when they will be prompted via their current Workplace Desktop installation that there is a new version available for download.

Version 8.2 is still being supported

Workplace V10 is a complete overhaul of how you and your clients manage their files in the cloud. If now is not a great time for you to upgrade and begin to start taking advantage of the new features such as file streaming. You do not need to download the Version 10 agent and can continue to use Workplace as you currently do.

New Features

Cloud Drive

Workplace v10 includes our new cloud feature, which transforms your cloud repository into a virtual local library, so you can enjoy full access to all of your Workplace files right on your PC. Make your files available offline by syncing them from the new file or folder right-click menu in the main v10 interface or within the Workplace Folder in your Windows Explorer or Finder windows.

The right-click menus also allow you to quickly and easily perform common functions like sharing with your team, creating and managing public shares, file locking, and marking items as favourites.

Malware Detection

Workplace has extended its security features and will scan all new files and changes to existing files for malware. If malware is detected, the file will be quarantined, and alert emails sent to the specified alert recipients. Admins can then manage the malware incident in an intuitive interface.

Configurable Workplace Folder Drive Letter

You can now control the drive letter for your Workplace Folder. This Provides a more familiar experience if you’re accustomed to using mapped drives to network shares and absolute links to documents.

Smart Local Cache

Adjust the size of the Smart Cache on each user’s device that is reserved for accessing files offline. Workplace's Smart Caching stores files when opening them without syncing them first. Often, due to this mechanism, files you worked on recently will be available offline even if you have not synced them. The larger the cache size, the more likely the file will be available when offline.

Microsoft Teams Integration

Being implemented soon after v10 launch: Access, search, share, and open your Workplace files directly within Microsoft Teams! Enjoy the enhanced security and administrative control of Workplace within the convenience of Office 365.