This article will cover running an On-Demand report as well as setting up Scheduled reports.


  • An admin level log in to GSM Portal
  • A template setup for what you want to see in Scheduled reports. This will be covered below
  • A valid MPweb DNS Customer

The Process

On-Demand Reporting

To access the On-Demand reporting please do the following:

  1. Log into your GSM console
  2. Go to the Reports
  3. Select the Site you want to run a report on
  4. Select one of the DNS reports from under the Report drop down
  5. Click Submit to display the results

Scheduled Reporting

  • Log into your GSM console
  • Go to the Reports
  • Go to Templates
  • Click Add
  • Give it a name, such as DNS
  • Choose a File Format
  • Click Add Page
  • Add the DNS pages you want to see on the report and the time period you want the reports for
  • Click Create

  • Click on Scheduled
  • Click Add
  • Name the Report
  • Set a Delivery Schedule
  • Decide if you want individual reports for each site or a single report for all sites
  • Change Recipients to 'Email to the email addresses provided below'
  • Add the email addresses
  • Select the Report Template you created
  • Click Create