This article will cover adding and removing storage space from Outlook backup. Keep in mind you get 1GB free per mailbox, anything above that is chargeable.


  • A Partner level log in to the MPexchange Portal
  • An MPexchange Customer with Outlook Backup Installed. See How To Setup Outlook Backup for more details.
  • The MPexchange Customer you want to manage the Outlook Backup space for

The Process

  • Log into your Partner Portal
  • Expand the Customer Accounts Menu on the left
  • Select Active Accounts
  • Click Login next to the Customer
  • Click on the Services Menu then Outlook Backup

  • Click Storage Management

  • Click the drop down to purchase more storage space

  • Click Save Changes

To remove the purchased space it is the same steps, however, you must have deleted enough backups so that you are under the amount of space you are going to remove. Please note that it will take 24-48 hours for the allocated space to reduce when removing backups.

If you are removing space before the end of the billing period we recommend you delete the backups at least 72 hours before the end of the billing period so that the allocated space reduces and you can remove the purchased space. If you do not delete the space you have purchased you will be billed even if it is not being used by backups.