This article will cover how you setup an end users Windows 10 PC within your Office 365 tenant using the Microsoft 365 licences.


  • A Microsoft 365 licence per user
  • Windows 10 Pro, version 1703 (Creator Update).

The Process

Once all Windows devices in your organisation have either been upgraded to Windows 10 Pro Creators Update or are already running Windows 10 Pro Creators Update, you can join these devices to your organisation’s Azure Active Directory. Once the devices are joined, they will automatically be upgraded to Windows 10 Business, which is part of your Microsoft 365 Business subscription.

New Windows 10 Pro Setup

For a brand new device running Windows 10 Pro Creators Update, or for a device that was upgraded to Windows 10 Pro Creators Update but has not gone through Windows 10 device setup, follow these steps.

  • Go through Windows 10 device setup until you get to the 'How would you like to set up?' page
  • Choose Set up for an organisation and then enter the username and password for the Microsoft 365 Business User
  • Finish Windows 10 device setup

Existing Windows 10 Pro Setup

Click the Windows logo, and then the Settings icon

  • In Settings click on Accounts
  • It will load the Your Info page, click Access work or school
  • Click Connect

  • Go to Alternate actions and click on 'Join this device to Azure Active Directory'
  • Enter the Microsoft 365 user credentials
  • Click Sign In
  • Verify that the organisation details are correct
  • Click Done
  • Verify the device is upgraded to Windows 10 Business
  • Go to Settings
  • Click on System
  • Click on About
  • Next to Edition it should display Windows 10 Business