This article will show you how to approve a device if you have not adjusted the policy to automatically approve. 


  • A Endpoint Backup Customer
  • Endpoint Backup Desktop or Server agent install
  • Access to the Endpoint Backup Manager

The Process

  • Log into your Endpoint Backup Manager
  • Click on Teams tab

  •  Select the Customer you want to find the Team key for by clicking on it
  • Click Manage Team in the top right

  • Click on Configuration
  • Click on Deployments

  • Select the tick box next to the device
  • Choose Select User (if you have already created the user) or Create User
  • Choose Assign and Approve

It will then go to Pending Finalisation which will happen once the Desktop/Server Agent checks in next. You can force this by clicking Check Status on the device it is installed on and selecting Retry Now.