This article is an overview of the Outlook backup service located within the MPexchange portal.


  • A MPexchange Customer
  • MPexchange administrator account

The Details

Outlook backup is a feature of MPexchange that allows Partners and Customers to do the following:

  • Backup mailboxes to PST (One time, Weekly or Monthly)
  • Restore PSTs to the original mailbox
  • Restore PST to a different mailbox
  • Upload external PST
  • Download PST through web or FTP
  • Each MPexchange customer has 1GB space per mailbox to use across the account. If you have 20 mailboxes then you have 20GB allowance, this can be used on a single mailbox. 

Any extra space that is added will be chargeable if still there at the end of the billing period. We suggest you download and remove any backups/storage if you have allocated extra storage when not using it.

Outlook Backup can be used if the Customer has an employee leaving or if you want to reduce the size of their mailbox. It will take a PST of the mailbox at the time you run the backup.