This article will cover how you create a new Global policy that can be assigned to your Customers site


An admin level login to the MPav GSM portal

The Process

By default you will have two policies already called DNS High Protection and DNS Medium Protection. It is always best to check these first to see if they match you Customers needs.

If they do not you can create a new policy by doing the following:

  1. Log into your GSM console
  2. Click on Global Settings
  3. Under the Policies tab click on DNS
  4. Click Add or Copy. Copy will give you the choice to copy the settings of an existing policy.
  5. Give your Policy a name that makes sense for the Customer(s) you want it for
  6. Click Create
  7. You can then change each policy group. Clicking the box next to the group name will apply to all policies underneath it. To select individually click the group name and it will expand the options
  8. Click Save